Adjusting a waistcoat for the fuller figure.

Well, I thought I was smart, filling up on Boeuf Guinness in Fallon & Byrne last night, but didn’t realize it would take me about ten hours to digest. So, in another creative burst of energy, I drafted D’s waistcoat and cut out the lining, stitched in the darts and the side and back seams. Since the lining and outer shell are to be identical, I thought I’d do the fitting from the lining and then make any necessary changes to the main garment.

Overall, the width turned out to be 6cm small, the back pieces needed extra seam allowances added in of 1.5 cm each and the darts weren’t sitting over the full of her bosom as much as I’d have liked.

To adjust the waistcoat for the fuller figure, I added on 3 cm to each inner front piece.

This was more straight forward for the outer piece because I had yet to draft it (see diagram with outer piece still attached to the lining).

However, I’ll have to rip out the polka dot lining and add on a 6cm piece (3cm for the increase, and 1.5 x 2 for the seam allowances) to the front and 6cm piece for the back (see diagram 2). Hopefully, the patches will look like design features in themselves.

I’m going to take a break from this job now because I’m working on improvising over slow blues in G…and I’ve got the guts of a new song to go with it too. Untill the next time….

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