What’s this all about?

I suppose this needs some explanation. I’m a musician but my roots (actually, I don’t know which one came first) are in something more tangible- threads! I teach home economics and write songs in my spare time.  I reason to myself that if one is working with an abstract medium a lot, then one needs to balance that out with something they can physically touch and feel.  It’s probably why home ec and music go well with each other (sometimes).  So, here’s the blurb;

I originally set up U Seam Nice to help people make their own clothes and to evaluate the quality of the clothes we buy.  I love tailored cuts, working with my hands and expensive, luxurious fabrics. I dislike and will not waste my money on shoddy clothes produced in 3rd world sweat shops.  I love to upcycle worn and loved items.  I expect this outlook will evolve as I learn more and share what I learn here. 

By the way, if you want to start sewing, I recommend you make a cushion cover. No illustration required I hope? Next, you should make a skirt. If you are an absolute beginner, I recommend you have only one or two processes, i.e., a pocket, a waistband, a zip, a pleat or simple darts. Try and avoid lining to begin with. However, my star pupil, Georgina Cunningham, didn’t have a clue what to do three months ago when we started. She plunged into a mauve pink wool tweed skirt, exactly like the one shown here. More about that when she’s finished her hem and I’ll post it up for you to look at.

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