Right Side/Wrong Side

What do you mean by ‘right side’? Which is the ‘wrong side’? This is fundamental to understand when you are cutting out fabrics. The right side is the side of the fabric you will see when wearing the garment. The wrong side will be the inside. When you have to cut something out twice, you don’t have to cut the pattern piece out twice separately. You simply fold the fabric over, place the pattern piece on, pin and cut. You will get a mirror image, i.e. the left and right, opposite facing sides of the piece you want. This might seem fundamental to most of you but believe me, it is a very confusing area for the beginner.

This is a liberty fabric I bought in Murphy Sheehy’s. Its 150 cm wide. It shows the ‘wrong’ side on the left and the ‘right’ side on the right hand side of the picture.

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