The Grafton Academy

Not wanting to cramp my step-daughters style, I decided NOT enroll at the Grafton Academy for a month this Summer. However, after two infuriating days looking for my muse, I decided go for it, providing I was put in a different class.

I did my best to suppress the teacher in me. After one day, diligently listening more then I spoke, I learnt an awful lot from Colin my teacher. We started off with my measurements, drafting a basic block for a pencil skirt, which I altered to my design (quite primitive but I will learn how to draw better). Then I simply cut out the pattern I made myself quite a revelation to a humble dressmaker so long dependent on commercial patterns! Two welt pockets, two side pockets in contrasting material and the rest to be completed on Thursday, 23rd June.

The mission is to use up all the fabric I have lying about the place in bags before I start college this September.

Here is my first page of drawings

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