Scotch Eggs Video

You’re A Good Cook But You Can’t Boil An Egg

I’m going to share a video I made while I was working in a previous school.  I organized the TY students to have an unseen recipe cooking competition, with the teachers.  Despite my best efforts to print out the recipe, talk them through it, provide a video I made especially and have them working in teams,  the teachers lost the competition because of two following things:  (a)  they didn’t read the recipe and (b) none of them could actually boil an egg.  Since some of them were quite proficient cooks in other areas, everybody was surprised.   The students on the other hand, had a more zen outlook.  They knew they knew nothing and therefore excelled.

A Video On How To Make Scotch Eggs

While the video meets the wordless and soundless food video brief, it is very difficult to cook and photograph at the same time!

Scotch Eggs

If you would like a variation, try substituting some chopped chorizo or black pudding for the sausage meat.  For vegetarians, try using a falafel mixture instead of sausage meat.  Play around with different herbs and flavoring ingredients.  These would be fun to make with kids but under no circumstances let them near a deep fat fryer!

Ingredients (makes 5)

6 eggs
380g sausage meat
120g breadcrumbs
A minimum of 1 pint vegetable oil
Zest of a lemon
1 tablespoon each of fresh parsley and thyme
1 teaspoon French mustard
2 scallions, finely chopped.
1 cup of plain flour
Salt and pepper


1.  Immerse 5 of the eggs into cold water with 1 tablespoon vinegar to prevent cracking.  When the eggs come to the boil, leave to simmer for 7 minutes.
2.  Cool cooked hard boiled eggs under cold water and carefully remove the shells.
3.  In 3 separate bowls, place a cup of flour, a beaten egg and the breadcrumbs.
4.  In another large bowl, place the sausage meat, the lemon zest, the herbs, chopped scallions and season with salt and pepper.   Wearing plastic gloves, combine the mixture with your hands.
5.  Place the oil into the deep fat fryer and heat to 170 degrees celsius.  Do not over fill the fryer.  Remember you will need to rotate the scotch eggs if they are not fully immersed in oil.
6.  Divide the sausage mixture into 5 rounds.  Place a piece onto a board covered with another piece of cling film.  Place a second piece of cling film on top of the meat.  Flatten gently with the palm of your hand.
7.  Remove the top layer of cling film and place a boiled egg without the shell on top of the meat.
8.  Cut the meat around the egg using the bottom layer of cling film to scoop the mixture up.  Close the meat around the egg remembering to keep the oval shape of the egg.
9.  Dust your hands lightly with flour and prepare to work fast in the coating stage.
10.  Dip the meat coated egg into the flour, followed by the beaten egg and lastly followed by the breadcrumbs.
11.  Place the eggs into the deep fat fryer and fry until golden brown.  Take safety precautions not to burn your hands as you remove each egg.
12.  Place the cooked eggs carefully on kitchen paper to mop up excessive oil.
13.  Enjoy hot or cold.

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