Dress Maquette on display in the Hunt Museum, Limerick.

Creation of dress maquette as part of the ‘Instruments of Perception’ Exhibition and Eva at the Hunt Museum, Limerick.

This piece was inspired by the “Pink Ice’ evening gown by Sybil Connolly (HML 018) and a silver-gilt chalice with enamel inserts (NGI 12042). In much the same way as the dress is a vessel for the body, the chalice is a vessel used in sacred rituals including the transubstantiation. The piece engages with the problematic relationship between fashion, the role of women in global industries which support it, and constructs of femininity. By its nature, the maquette hints at potential, the possibility of what may be rather than a definitive; this piece is intended to stimulate the viewer’s imagination and provoke an opinion of both the piece and its potential. 21st Century Mantua suggests a layered approach to the observation of these areas through both the fragile and intricate design of the maquette and the multimedia accompaniment accessed through a technological interface. the audio composition uses sounds including an industrial sewing machine, scissors, zips, and applause at a fashion show, suggesting global movement and personal agitation. It was scored for double bass, viola and cello to create a sense of familiarity. “21st Century Mantua merges fashion and music into one clear message: ‘What is the human sacrifice of fast fashion when quality will suffice for a lifetime, if not into another generation?” – Aoife Moriarty

A Hoody!

Here is another item I made this week. It also took fifteen hours. I used up scraps from the floral skirt to create a piping above the waistband and a border across the hood. Instead of ribbing, which is hard to come by and even more difficult to match up with this colour, I elasticated some green fabric. This created a runched effect for the waistband and cuffs. However, the best part was hammering in the snap fasteners. They’re quick and easy to do and look professional and neat on jersey.

The Finished Skirt

It was made from a very small piece of cotton I got as a present. On the front it has a skinny blue satin waistband, side pockets in cut out of same fabric and a vent in the lower third. On the back it has two welt pockets. Its fully lined and has two snap fasteners for an enclosure. Total time taken including design, drawing, pattern drafting and cutting = 15 hours.