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The Bolero

My mother who we call DD, stuffed a little bit of money into my pocket today and told me to buy something nice for myself. I was gob-smacked. “Why are you doing that? You’re a pensioner now for crying out loud”.
“Because, you’re nice” she said. Coming from DD, “nice” isn’t an insult meaning; doormat. Nice means you’re a good egg and pocket-money is a reward for listening, smiling and making the best BLT money can’t buy. I thanked her and tipped into town on the Dublin Bike. Murphy Sheehy’s have a lovely supply of Liberty fabrics at the moment but I ended up buying indigo satin back crepe and navy & white polka dot lining to make DD a waistcoat.

Before I go on, I must tell you about the bolero I made last week. Its handwoven silk from India. I bought it as a remnant in London for £50 last November. It’s a regal swirling pattern in red, royal blue and gold.

A Bolero is also a Spanish dance in ¾ and a Cuban dance in 2/4.
It is also a woman’s short jacket that stops above the waist and has no fastenings.

I made it in a burst of energy last Sunday afternoon and it gave me the idea to start a blog about dressmaking and tailoring. I’ve been making clothes all my life but I’ve still got a lot to learn.